• There are TWO components to the Front Desk Survival Guide training.

  • 1

    Digital Training

    Once you make your purchase, you will receive IMMEDIATE access to all digital training.
    Training includes videos, content to read, assignments and forms to download. The digital training is broken up into the follow sections described below:
    Front Desk Basic Training
    Dental Basic Training
    Practice Promotion/Expressing Value
    Daily Checklists
    Weekly Checklists
    Monthly Checklists

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    Calendar Planner

    This calendar planner will be shipped to you within 5 days.
    The planner will help guide your front office into when certain systems should be completed.

  • Digital Training: Front Desk Basic Training

  • Practice Management Software

    It would be impossible to specifically cover every single practice management software created, so we created a framework of skills for your front office team to learn how to use YOUR software. This section, and accompanying assignment, will allow your new front office team member to build practice management skills all while allowing you to monitor their progress.

  • Patient Communication Software

    It would be impossible to review all of the features of every single patient communication software, but this section, along with the assignment attached, will encourage your front office team to not only get familiar with the software, but also to make sure they are getting the MOST out of it.

  • Scheduling Specifics

    Hate when multiple people are scheduling appointments, but they all have their own way of scheduling? This section, along with the assignment, will help everyone to get on the same scheduling page once and for all.

  • Patient Appointment Cycle

    There are a TON of things that have to be done for every single patient every single day. This section will help your front office team learn those details.

  • Patient Contact Update

    If we aren't constantly updating our patient contact info, we run the risk of no show appointments. Lucky for you, we've included a form that your office can use every single day to ensure that contact info is being updated.

  • Front Desk Terminology

    This is our crash course in front desk terminology. Your new front desk team members will thank you!

  • Dental Benefit Terminology

    A front desk team member cannot obtain benefits, verify claims, or discuss benefits with patients if they don't understand what they're talking about!

  • Types of Dental Plans/Benefit Coverage Details

    The dental insurance world doesn't have to be a scary place. We've made it simple to understand the complexities of dental coverage.

  • Benefit Verification

    Not only do we describe how to get dental benefits, we also include a great PDF to download and use when calling insurance companies.

  • Co-Pay Calculator

    All too often team members rely on the practice management software to determine benefits. We think it's a good idea for front office team members to understand how to figure out co-pays independent of the computer. Why? Lots of reasons. Go to this section to find out!

  • Presenting Financial Consults

    This is a biggie!
    This section takes your front office team through each step of presenting a confident financial consult. Not only is there a lot to read, but the included training video is over an hour long! There is so much good info in here-for new and current team members.

  • New Patient Experience

    We will take you through the 3 major components of the New Patient Experience. This is a great section for ALL team members.

  • Office Tours

    Express value to your new patients by offering an office tour that is bursting with office pride. This is another great section to be practiced by all team members!

  • Re-Care Reminder System

    Need a systematic way to remind your patients about their re-care appointments. We've got you covered.

  • Reduce Missed Appointments

    Think your practice can't do anything about missed appointments?
    Think again.
    We'll give you VERY specific things for your team to focus on to reduce missed appointments.

  • Post Care Calls

    Is the practice calling patients to check in on them? No? Maybe you should.

  • 5 Viable Lists

    A slow schedule should NOT mean that team members get to go home early.
    We'll show your front office team where to go to fill the schedule.

  • 2-2-2 Treatment Follow Up

    Don't let your patients fall through the cracks!

  • Claims Recovery

    We think that dental claims should not be outstanding past 30 days. Here's how you can follow up with those overdue claims.

  • Overdue Re-care

    Patients get busy. We get it. Sometimes we have to give them a little nudge.

  • Billing

    We think that a practice should never HAVE to do billing, because proper payment amounts should be collected at the proper time. But if you still need to send bills, here's a way to track that.

  • Front Office Inventory

    Whether it's front office supplies or marketing supplies, the practice should never run out of those things!

  • Digital Training: Dental Basic Training

  • Dental Terminology

    Here's a great spot for your new employees to refer to when they need to understand a dental term.

  • Parts of a Tooth

    This section easily describes the major parts of a tooth. The more they know, the better your team will be at discussing treatment with patients.

  • Tooth Names and Numbering

    Without knowing a tooth name or number, a dental office employee has little to offer patients!

  • Digital Training: Practice Promotion/Expressing Value

  • Practice Promotion Defined

    Team members must understand HOW to capitalize on opportunity with patients. This section is a bit of a mind blower for some employees.

  • 3 Positive Response Rule

    Many offices teach their team how to the pragmatic things, but are they giving them the proper COMMUNICATION skills? We've got some great examples to help the light bulb go off!

  • Follow Up Questioning

    With this simple strategy, a team member can build value AND engage further in patient conversations.

  • Which Procedures Does This Practice Perform?

    Unless a front office team member is well versed in WHICH procedures the office offers, is able to communicate about that procedure, AND understands how to schedule it, then he/she isn't able to do the job properly. No worries, we've got a great assignment to work through this one!

  • Supporting Marketing Efforts

    Marketing dollars are wasted if team members do not know where they are being spent. This exercise allows everyone to be on the same page.

  • Marketing to Existing Patients

    Your current patients know you and trust you already. But, do they know ALL that you can do for them? We've got some ideas on how you can let them know.

  • Asking for Referrals

    The entire team should always be looking for opportunity to bring in new business. After all, a busy practice means job security for the team!

  • Asking for Reviews

    We've got a great system that will not only get you the reviews you want, but will do all of the work so you don't have to.

  • Participating in Community Events

    Your practice can do a lot for the community and for your business at the same time. This section brings that awareness to your team.

  • Be a True Dental Professional

    We don't want to work with "time clock punchers" and neither should you.
    Encourage your team members to establish careers in dentistry. By investing in them, you are investing in your practice.

  • Cross Training

    Gone are days where team members worked in isolation. These days it's all about helping each other because by doing so, we are better helping our patients.

  • Is This a Good Time?

    This communication skill saved our sanity. When you implement it, it will save yours, too!

  • Bring a Solution, Not a Problem

    We encourage all team members to be problem solvers!

  • There is Always Something to Do

    It takes a village to run a dental practice. It really does. There's SO MUCH more going on than just seeing patients. Once your eyes are opened up to that, you'll never stand around and waste time again.

  • Digital Training: Checklists

    We will give you digital access to all checklists and the planner will let you know when to complete those tasks.

  • Daily

    Use our checklists as is or as inspiration to create your own. But PLEASE recognize that each front office team in the country should separate their daily checklists into the following 5 sections.
    1. Before Patients Arrive
    2A. and 2B. Morning Meeting
    3. Throughout the Day Tasks
    4. Preparing for Tomorrow
    5. End of Day

  • Weekly

    Keep on top of things by systematically doing a subset of tasks once a week.

  • Monthly

    Every month there are certain tasks to complete and reports to run.

  • Quarterly

    Every quarter there are things that need to be tended to.

  • Yearly

    How well are you summarizing your year? Do you have a plan for the following year?