The Importance of Systems and Consistency

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    Have you ever been to Starbucks? I would assume so. Have you ever ordered a Starbucks coffee? Most likely. Have you ever ordered your favorite Starbucks coffee in different cities? Probably. Were those coffees made in the same way with the same ingredients? Absolutely.

    So what’s our point?
    The lesson here is that Starbucks has created systems that allow its employees to consistently create the same beverages in a reliable way. In other words, if you work for Starbucks, they have a very specific way they want their orders to be prepared. A Starbucks employee cannot fulfill an order any way he/she wants to make it. Employees have to follow the systems that Starbucks has set forth. Those systems take the guesswork and pressure off the employees. All the employee has to do is follow the already created system. The owners of Starbucks appreciate the systems as well because they don’t have to worry about what their employees are doing. As long as the employees are following the systems, the owners KNOW what is happening in the shops.
    Make sense?

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    How does this apply to dentistry?

    The field of dentistry lends itself to the same need for procedural systems and protocols as Starbucks. If proven and effective systems exist within a practice, then the entire dental team can produce consistent, reliable, and pro table results.
    The team can feel con dent that they are all completing tasks in the same way and at the right time.
    The doctor will be pleased that his/her team can expertly and reliably get through the day.
    The patients will sense consistency and teamwork and will trust your practice.
    This training will allow you to be on the same page as the rest of your team.
    A good balance of systems, a competent team, and good dentistry make for a successful dental practice.