The Birth of Success

The story of Dental Support Specialties began in August of 2006 when I gave birth prematurely to a baby girl (only 25 weeks gestation). As baby Alison reached her 1 year milestone, it became apparent that she would need extra care in the form of occupational, physical, and speech therapy to help compensate for the prematurity.

At that time, in the fall of 2007, I had a great career as an office manager at a start up dental practice. We were quickly growing, however, and I often found myself running through the office, in my heels and with the office phone clipped to my pocket, to help tear down and set up rooms, to run instruments, to seat patients, and to do anything else that needed to be done. It was the true definition of teamwork.

Although I loved that practice, I realized that Alison’s needs had to come first. I remember thinking how great it would be to handle all the office’s administrative work from home, so that I could also tend to Alison.
Then it hit me.

I realized that I COULD support that practice, and others remotely. With some creative solutions, it would be possible to tap into offices and help them with their practices, all while making sure that Alison could get the proper care and attention that she needed to thrive.

That’s when Dental Support Specialties was born.
Within six months of starting this service, I had more interest than I could support by myself.

By 2010, the business had outgrown the home office and was moved into a 1,500 square–foot facility. In 2012, the business expanded into the adjoining suite and grew by another 1,100 square feet. In January of 2014, we moved to a bigger location. Would you believe that our services are in such demand that we had to move again in March 2018 to a more than 10,000 square–foot facility?! We are thrilled to be in a space that will not only easily allow us to help our existing offices, but is also a space that will allow us to expand our services. Today, Dental Support Specialties provides remote administrative support to practices across the United States and Canada.

I am a systems fanatic, (I have day planners for every aspect of my life!) and know that with consistent systems come tangible results. I am firm in principle, but flexible in procedure. While there is no way I can write step by step procedures for all of our clients, we’ve created the most fabulous, detailed systems and protocols that allow us to seamlessly integrate with our practices in providing the most productive dental practice administrative support – all in a “plug and play” fashion.

I am also pleased to report that Alison is doing great! I made the right choice to make myself more available for her care, especially early on.

One of the cool things about my business is that I get to meet people from all over–like Missy Fryer. And when my obsession love of day planners turned into the great of idea of a dental front desk planner, she was the first one I thought of. I called her and said, “Girl, I have an idea for us!”
And with that call, the Survival Guide series (and Buckeye Dental Productions) was born!

Mary Beth