From Dr. Frank Clayton

This is the guide we've been waiting for in our office. So many assistant schools around, but none for front desk training. Finally, someone has written a very well thought out plan and execution for tasks for my front desk. I expect the book to pay for itself in no time, thinking of the increased efficiency and productivity right off the bat. It allows me to keep employees on task without personally micromanaging them, which as an owner, I just don't have time for. Missy and Mary Beth have hit a home run with this. Thank you both!

From Dr. Sheila Brush

Game changer alert! Mary Beth and Missy have created a super useful tool that not only keeps your front desk running smoothly and productively, it also has helped us to up our game with best practices for dental front desk administration. The daily planner is a format we are all familiar with and you will be able to quickly integrate it with your routine. It has allowed new employees in my office to be immediately productive and helps to ensure that no area of front desk responsibility is overlooked.

Dr. Michael Maroon

Dr. Michael Maroon shares his thoughts on the Survival Guides.