Supporting Marketing Efforts

Supporting Marketing Efforts

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]One way that the clinical team can help with practice promotion is by supporting marketing efforts. Some offices change their marketing strategies every month, some change every quarter, some introduce marketing strategies when the business is slow, and some are VERY systematic in their efforts. As a contributing team member, it is important to know about how this office handles marketing.

Not only is it beneficial to know when the practice is marketing, but it is also crucial to know WHAT is being marketed so that the team can comfortably discuss the service or special.
Clear communication must be maintained always throughout the team so that marketing efforts are not wasted.

Let me give you an example.

The doctor decides he/she wants to feature Invisalign in some marketing for a month. The practice invests thousands of dollars in various ways, like social media, TV commercials, community mailers, and email automations, to reach as many people as possible. It goes without saying that the idea of marketing is to spend money to make money, right? Let’s say that the team didn’t know that Invisalign was being marketed or how to answer questions about Invisalign. Let’s also say that in that month time, NOT ONE team member even mentions Invisalign to a patient. Think of all the patients that the practice sees in that month. Think of all the MISSED opportunity if NOT ONE team member mentions Invisalign to all of those patients. How far do you think those marketing dollars would go? Not very far at all. Lots of wasted money. Ugh.

But let’s say the ENTIRE team was aware of all the Invisalign marketing and the ENTIRE team thoroughly understood the Invisalign process. What if EVERY team member excitedly says to EVERY SINGLE PATIENT, “We’re featuring Invisalign this month! Patients love it because we can scan digitally without taking messy impressions, the trays are removable, and your smile can be transformed in about a year.” What do you think would happen in that one month period? Those marketing dollars would go MUCH further, right? Lots of production and job security for you. Yay!

So that’s the point we’re trying to make here. The dental team should always know how the practice markets, what specifically is being marketed, and all the ins and outs of the service that is being marketed. If the team is NOT familiar with the service being offered, then he/she must take charge of his/her own learning. Look up the service on line. Go to that company website and read about it. Watch You Tube videos on the procedure. Ask to have an office meeting to review the ins and outs of the service. Read all office materials about the service. TAKE CHARGE! Do NOT wait for someone to teach you.[/text_block]

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