Scheduling Specifics

We have a section (What Procedures Does This Office Perform) in this Survival Guide dedicated to making sure that all front desk team members understand all of the procedures that this specific office performs, teaches team members how to express the positive things about those procedures, and indicates the time needed for each procedure. You might want to do that section in conjunction with this section. That information is necessary to know to schedule properly. Offices who are not scheduling procedures with the correct providers and for the right amount of time often find themselves behind schedule or short handed. Every office is different.

It would be impossible for us to tell you how to schedule, but we can give a space for you to indicate scheduling specifics that are unique to this practice. We will start you off with some questions, but feel free to add more.

Completing the attached assignments will allow the practice to properly schedule appointments. List the appointment name, add specific notes, indicate provider, indicate treatment room #, and add time needed for each appointment type. Be specific in your appointment types. Simply calling an appointment, “Root Canal” may not be specific enough and the needs of that appointment may be different between a molar root canal and an anterior. By being specific, and deliberate in your schedule, the practice can tame an out of control schedule, and give better patient care.


Can you see from these specifics that someone who is brand new at scheduling for the practice can schedule with confidence and with the best interest of the patients AND practice at heart?

Clear scheduling guidelines start with having specific appointment names and clearly defined details about each appointment type. Problems with the schedule pop up when the details are not understood by all team members. Some practices are able to include these Scheduling Specifics in the practice management software so that when they go to schedule any appointment, a clear list of appointment names pop up with all of the additional info included.

Can your software do this?