Survival Guide: Dental Assistant BEYOND SPIT SUCKING


This Survival Guide, a 180+ page book, is designed to give your assistants-especially your new assistants-the tools they need to know about YOUR specific practice.

Even seasoned dental assistants can benefit and breathe new life into their career with the Survival Guide. We’ve filled this Guide with the most common things a dental assistant must know to thrive in a modern practice.

We’ve also included pages that require some written work out of you and your assistants.

Basically, we want to encourage your team to understand what your practice is all about so that they can be ACTIVE participants in your business-not just time clock punchers.

We expect assistants to be contributing professionals, and the Survival Guide is the tool that will help get them to that level. This Survival Guide will lead them through all it takes to work in YOUR practice.

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