Quarterly Planner: DIGGING FOR GOLD

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Front Desk Survival Guide: Quarterly Planner: DIGGING FOR GOLD will be shipping by October 1st 2019.

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Your purchase of the Front Desk Survival Guide: DIGGING FOR GOLD includes one quarterly guide.

If there’s one thing that offices can greatly improve upon, it’s seeking out additional daily production. We’ve found that without a system in place to seek out this production, team members often overlook these extra opportunities. Think of all of that lost production. This Front Desk Survival Guide Quarterly Planner will help the front office team to add production (to DIG FOR GOLD!) to the schedule every single day. It’s a great tool to use on it’s own, but it’s an even better tool when used as a companion to the Front Desk Survival Guide. (If you haven’t purchased your Front Desk Survival Guide: SYSTEMS & CHECKLISTS yet, check it out here.)

Our Quarterly Planner reminds the front office team to seek out additional recall and treatment opportunities. It’s easy to share the notes from the planner with the team at morning huddles, follow up with throughout the day, and have the doctor oversee the results.

It is possible for this planner to pay for itself in ONE day. If that’s the case, imagine the additional production for an entire quarter.





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