Practice Management Software

There are a variety of practice management (PM) software programs available for dental practices. There are also different types of practice management software programs; some programs are cloud based and some of them are server based.

Although they can all do similar things, there are definitely some differences between software programs. As a front office team member, it is important to be familiar with which PM software this office employs, how to navigate through it, how to pull information from it, and where to go if you have additional questions.

It would be impossible for us to review every single PM software in this Survival Guide training, but we can certainly make suggestions at which things you should focus on learning sooner than later. Let this assignment be the tool that helps you to organize your practice management software learning. On the downloadable pages below is a starter list of things to learn for the PM software for this practice. If you are new to the practice, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with THIS practice’s PM software. Feel free to jot down any notes, if necessary, about each task. We have also included an area for your office to list their own PM software specific tasks. The idea is to get as familiar with your practice management software as soon as possible!

A skill is considered mastered when an employee is not only able to do it, but able to teach someone else how to do it. Initial and date each item once it has been mastered.