Post Care Calls

Every patient who has received anesthetic for any procedure should be contacted with a courtesy post care call. This process allows for not only providing a superior level of customer service, but it also provides us an opportunity to address any challenges the patient may or may not be having (bite is off, sore, swollen, etc).

Be sure to document every call/response in the patient chart, even if you left a message. If the patient indicates a challenge, decide whether the patient needs to be seen again, or if the doctor simply needs to talk with the patient. Depending on the patient and appointment, it may be more appropriate for the doctor to make the post care call.

Contact morning patients at the end of the day to check on them. Contact afternoon patients the following morning to check on them.

Sample verbiage for front desk: “Hi Mrs. Smith! It’s Mary Beth from Dr. George’s office! How are you? Dr. George wanted me to give you a quick call to see how well you are getting along after your visit with us yesterday?”

Write down the results of the post care calls in that patient’s file in your practice management software. Share with the doctor the responses you’ve received and take any further action if necessary.

Doesn’t it feel good to give such great service?