Patient Appointment Cycle

  • There are many components to the Patient Appointment Cycle that must be completed for EACH visit.

    Follow our Patient Appointment Cycle or edit it to better suit your own practice.
    It all starts at the top, with confirming the patient appointment per your office’s confirmation system. From there, follow the cycle to the right all while completing each step along the way.
    It is the responsibility of the front desk team to complete the cycle for each patient. The front desk team must pay attention and follow the patient through the cycle until completion.
    Think of this cycle as you go throughout the day.

  • 1

    Prior to appointment, get benefit breakdown and determine patient co-pay.

  • 2

    Patient arrives and is warmly greeted.

  • 3

    Update patient contact information.

  • 4

    Check patient in. Alert the team of the patient’s arrival.

  • 5

    As patient is being seen, confirm patient’s charges for the day and enter into practice management software.

  • 6

    Submit claim, if applicable.

  • 7

    If new treatment is diagnosed, enter it into software and determine financial arrangements.

  • 8

    Review financials regarding any needed with patient. Collect co-pay, if applicable.

  • 9

    Schedule next visit. Patients should always leave with their next visit scheduled.

  • 10

    Thank the patient for coming in. Verify that reminder will be sent for next appointment.