Participating in Community Events

For marketing and/or good will purposes, it’s a good idea for a dental practice to get involved in community events. Whether it’s visiting a local school, going to a bridal fair, or participating in a charity event, your office can and should get involved with the public. When teams participate in public activities, it allows the practice an opportunity NOT only to show the community how great the office is, but also it allows citizens to know that the practice CARES about the community.A good team member is always on the lookout for how the practice can get involved. Don’t be shy to bring these events up to the rest of the team.

These events can be really fun and can give good exposure to the practice. It is important to remember that when you are out in public with your team, that you are a reflection of the practice brand. Your behaviors will tell the public all they need to know about the practice, so be on your best behavior!

Use these events as an opportunity to reach out to the public and to introduce your practice to people. Be positive, have a smile on your face and hand out freebies to people! Good, fun, positive energy will attract good, fun, and positive people.

Wear matching shirts with the practice information on the back, hand out cool things, and answer questions about your practice in a polished and professional way. Be sure to invite people to visit your practice.

Let the world know that your office is the best out there!