Overdue Re-Care

Life happens. People get busy.

Sometimes patients need a reminder that they are overdue for their check up visit. A healthy practice reaches out to these patients to maintain a full recall schedule.

Just for a minute, imagine how much more productive the practice could be if it was consistently reaching out to patients who were overdue and scheduling them versus not contacting them.

Once a week, run a report for patients who are currently overdue for a re-care appointment. We recommend printing out this list first thing every Monday morning. Most practice management software programs will allow you to pull up a list of people who are of officially overdue for re-care by a certain date. For example, on Monday morning, you should be able to pull up a list who were overdue and unscheduled as of the prior week.

Call those patients and attempt to schedule. If you are unable to reach them, send them a letter. Be sure to let them know that you miss them and care about their health. Use that letter an opportunity to showcase any new services that your practice offers. Give them a reason to want to see you! If you utilize an automatic patient communication program, like SolutionReach, then make sure the settings are allowing it to contact people who are overdue for re-care on your behalf.

This is a great list that can we worked during any downtime in the week.

We also recommend running an overdue re-care report at the end of every quarter for all the patients who were due that quarter and who have not scheduled. Reach out to them in multiple ways. Let those patients know that you miss them and care about their oral health.