Missy and Mary Beth discuss the Survival Guides

The Thriving Dentist Podcast

Missy and Mary Beth discuss 

training  dental assistants to reach their fullest potential

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T-Bone Speaks

Missy, and her husband, Dr. Kevin Fryer, discuss their strategies for training new employees

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Dental Hacks (DHP 168)

Missy and Mary Beth discuss the all things front desk including the Front Desk Survival Guide with the Dental Hacks. This was one of the MOST downloaded podcasts in Hacks history! 

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Dental Hacks (DHP 211)

Mary Beth and Missy talk with Jason and Alan about how important it is to have a really well trained team and how training is an ongoing process. They also discuss the new editions of their Survival Guide seri

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Dr. Gregg May (10X Dental)

Dr. Gregg May talks with Missy and Mary Beth about the 2019 Front Desk Survival Guide and tells them what he thinks of them. 

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