Office Tour

All new patients should receive an Office Tour.

The purpose of an office tour isn't JUST to show your patients where to hang their coats or where the restrooms are located.

The purpose of an office tour if the practice's opportunity to point out the things that increase your practice's value-to showcase what sets your practice apart from all the other offices in town.

Don’t just say, “Here’s where we take panoramic x-rays.” Instead, point out the positives, “This is our digital panoramic and CBCT machine. Because it’s digital it uses less radiation than old fashioned x-ray film. It also gives us a clear, crisp image of your mouth instantly.” Show off your technology by pointing it out to the new patient. “Here is our CEREC technology. This allows us to make same day crowns right here in our office!” Or, “Here is our sterilization room where our instruments follow proper infection control protocol.”

Do you see how pointing out those very positive things can impress a patient?

Make sure the areas on the tour are extra neat and tidy before bringing a patient into those areas. Discuss the office tour with your team. What things will you highlight to your new patients?