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Missy's Blog

I want to tell you about two things: BEYOND SPIT SUCKING and HACKS

I’m in the middle of some exciting projects and I want to share them with you!Remember when I told you that I created another co...

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This might be helpful to you…

Hello friends!Last year, I joined forces with Mary Beth Bajornas of Dental Support Specialties to create the Dental Office Survi....

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Employee Request Off Form-Feel Free to Download

I get asked to share my Employee Request Off Form a lot, so I thought I’d write a quick blog about it and share it here.Just lik..

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20 Years!

It’s my 20 year anniversary in dentistry!Not bad considering when I first started I told myself that I was only going to do it f....

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Never Stress AGAIN When An Employee Leaves!

I use my blog as an opportunity to share real and practical advice-things that we actually do in our practice. This particular blo....

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Team In-Service #4 Seven Things to Enhance in Your Office for a Positive Patient Experience

Our most recent in-service was another T-Bone Speaks podcast called, “Seven Things to Enhance in Your Office for a Positive Patien....

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Maintaining Uniformity

Like a lot of things in this dental practice, the RIGHT solution to a problem came from years of getting burned.So, we used to b....

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Team In-Service #3 Digital Photograpy. Feel Free to Use For Your Own Practice!

We had another in-service meeting the other day and this time it was about digital photography.We take digital photographs on a ....

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My Updated Employee Review System

I don’t know about you, but I dread doing employee reviews. Well, it’s not the actual review part when I’m talking to the employee....

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Team In-Service #2 Dental Insurance. Feel free to Use For Your Own Practice!

As you may recall, I started doing “in-service” monthly meetings with my team recently. We use this meeting time as an opportunity....

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