Marketing Survival Guide. A Whole Team Approach

Team Marketing 

Marketing Planner: A Team Based Approach


Our purpose with the Dental Office Survival Guide: Marketing Planner is to help your team plan marketing efforts all year round. 

We know that running a business is a total team effort. There’s just too much work for one person to do alone. We created this guide so that the whole team can be more keenly aware of marketing efforts that need to be done for business survival and how team members can contribute to those efforts.

We wanted to make a planner that kept offices thinking about marketing. We wanted to give some structure to that part of the dental office business. We also love the idea of creating workbooks, a place to demonstrate real learning, to share ideas, and to track accountability. Marketing strategies should be ongoing and deliberate. If the office only focuses on marketing when times are slow, then they are doing a disservice to the business. Think of a company like Target. They are constantly marketing-not just during holiday peak shopping times, right? Yes, they have a large marketing department and can pay millions for their marketing and most dental offices don’t have access to those resources.

But that’s OK. We can do it in our own way.

Most dental offices have a team members who can each contribute to marketing efforts in various ways. The key is understanding that promoting the practice and services fall on the shoulders of EVERYONE in the practice-not just the owner or dentist.

When you have a team of employees who are all working towards the same goal, some wonderful things will happen. The patients will trust you, return to you, and send their friends. The business will grow. The team will feel personal and professional satisfaction.

What else could you ask for in a career?

  • Utilize the Whole Team to Promote the Practice
  • Offer Opportunity for Team Members to be Creative and Use Marketing Talents
  • Allow Team Members to Plan and Organize Marketing Efforts
  • 100+ Page Marketing Planner Shipped within 5 Days
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    Monthly Preview

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