Marketing to Existing Patients

One of the ways to promote the practice is to FIND more business for your practice to do. The easiest way to find this work is to turn to your CURRENT patients.

Allow me to explain.

Many of offices invest heavily into attracting new patients–and that’s great. However, there is a GREAT value in promoting and marketing current or new services to your EXISTING patients. Let’s say your practice has 2000 patients. Those 2000 patients keep coming back to your office because they like you and trust your practice. They already know you. As it is right now, there’s a good chance that not all of those 2000 people know ALL of the services that your of office can provide for them. Maybe they don’t know that in addition to check ups and fillings, your office ALSO provides things like orthodontics or oral appliances for sleep apnea. How much MORE dentistry would your practice do if all of your CURRENT patients, who already know and trust you, knew all of the services that you offer? Do they know what you offer? Are you telling them or making service recommendations? What is the last new service that your practice offered? Is your doctor learning new services to offer the patients? Offering new services is KEY!Many practices make the mistake of only marketing for new patients. The cost of attracting new patients can be quite high. The cost of attracting your current patients to new services that you offer can be much lower. Doesn’t it just make sense that people who already know you would be more likely to start new treatment than people who don’t have a history with you?

Remember earlier when we said that many doctors are working IN their business and working ON their business at the same time? This is where you come in. It is the responsibility of the rest of the dental team to help with working ON the business. It is up to you to educate patients on other services that your practice offers. You are also a part of working ON the business. You are expected to contribute to the marketing efforts as well. Again, think of how much MORE successful your practice would be if your whole team took the time to let people know about ALL the services your practice offers. Think about that job security!

  • There are numerous ways to market to existing patients.

  • 1

    Are all services listed on your website and social media pages?


  • 2

    Do you have a TV monitor that markets to patients in the waiting room?

  • 3

    Do your TV monitors in the treatment rooms market to your existing patients?

  • 4

    Has your practice created a services handout that can be given to patients and briefly explained?

  • 5

    Does the entire team understand the services well enough to discuss them with patients?

  • 6

    Do you have easily accessible brochures/handouts that you can hand to your patients?

  • 7

    Is your team making individualized treatment recommendations based on patient needs?

  • 8

    Is your practice sending email automations? (Series of emails designed to target market specific services to specific patients.)

Don't have a list of services that you can hand to patients-especially new patients-and briefly explain to patients?
Make one! Here's an example.