2020 Front Desk Survival Guide: SYSTEMS & CHECKLISTS and the Quarterly Planners are NOW AVAILABLE!

We've made a TON of changes and can't wait for you to see them! What's different for the upcoming releases, you ask?

Well, all previous versions of the Front Desk Survival Guides have been a combination of systems and monthly planner pages. Future editions will be two separate books: Front Desk Survival Guide:SYSTEMS AND CHECKLISTS and Quarterly Planner: DIGGING FOR GOLD. You will have the option to purchase them independently or as a package. The Front Desk Survival Guide contains some new and rewritten sections. The Quarterly Planner teaches your front office team to SEEK OUT PRODUCTION on the schedule every single day.

Don't those sound great?! 

Learn about Front Desk Survival Guide: SYSTEMS & CHECKLISTS here
Learn about Quarterly Planner: DIGGING FOR GOLD here