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Your purchase of the 2019 Front Desk Survival Guide gives you THREE things:

1. 350 + Page Front Desk Planner to help guide your Front Desk through all of 2019.

2. Access to our Members Only Section of our website where you can download checklists and forms and watch training videos.

3. Invitation to our exclusive Facebook group where will we can work as a community to help each other for all of 2019.

Should Team Members Promote the Practice?

Should dental team members help to promote the practice? This video will give you some insight into the theme of the Survival Guide Series.

Express Practice Value by Supporting the Team

Patients will not trust your team if they feel like team members do not support each other. Part of working on a team is WORKING TOGETHER and HELPING EACH OTHER, anything less is UNACCEPTABLE.

Three Positive Response Rule/Follow Up Questioning

We expect our dental teams to communicate well with patients, but we do a terrible job TEACHING them how to do it. Let's change that!

If you take ANYTHING away from this Survival Guide, let it be these two communication strategies!

Color Coding on Steroids

This is one of the MOST effective systems we use in our office. It allows ANY team member, even those with ZERO experience, to set up a procedure room.