Do the Survival Guides come in a completely digital/downloadable format?

In order to protect our work, and not allow people to purchase and share all components of the Survival Guides, we do not offer a completely downloadable version of our materials.

HOWEVER, there are immediate downloadable forms, assignments, and checklists as well as training videos (over 30!) that are digitally available with the purchase of our 2020 Front Desk Survival Guide: SYSTEMS & CHECKLISTS or with the pre-order of the Business Team Survival Guide: SYSTEMS & CHECKLISTS.
(The Business Team Survival Guide: SYSTEMS & CHECKLISTS is an updated version of the 2020 front desk book that is currently in production and will be shipping soon.)
Our downloadable materials are meant to work in conjunction with our front office Survival Guide.
Between a workbook, downloads, checklists, and videos, team members have many opportunities to demonstrate learning and to master information.