Frequently Asked Questions

How many Survival Guides should I get for my team?

When we sat down to create the Survival Guides, we wanted them to be different from all other training materials.

We didn’t just want to make a book for people to read. Sure, we could have written a book for offices to hand over to team members, but how would anyone know if they really read the book? How would a manager be able to measure their understanding of the topics presented?

With a one size fits all book, you wouldn’t be able to know if that team member was truly learning. Plus, who can write a one size fits all book? That would be impossible! There is not a one size fits all dental practice!

This is our difference.

Our Survival Guides were designed to teach a universal topic in dentistry and then ask readers to explore how that topic can be applied in THEIR practice. In a nutshell, they are workbooks that managers can use as an outline for training and for concrete evidence of learning when it comes time for performance reviews. This is why it’s important for each team member to have his/her own. When we have a new Front Office team member, I give them a brand new FD Survival Guide so that person can review each section, watch accompanying videos from the website, write down answers, and take notes. The same goes for a new assistant. Assistants receive their very own Assistant Edition: BEYOND SPIT SUCKING. As they go through their training, they will use their Survival Guides to hold all of their learning in one place.

The Marketing Planner is different, however. That book functions better when shared as a team.

Do the Survival Guides come in a digital form?

At this time, the only digital content available comes with the 2019 Front Desk Survival Guide. Those who purchase the 2019 Front Desk Survival Guide not only receive a physical Survival Guide, they are also given immediate access to over 30 videos that accompany various sections of that printed Survival Guide. They also receive the immediate ability to download the checklists and forms referenced in the 2019 Front Desk Survival Guide.

Where can I get additional support with my Survival Guides?

Each Survival Guide has a corresponding Facebook group where Missy and Mary Beth are active and available to help with additional questions.
The Assistant Survival Guide: BEYOND SPIT SUCKING and the Marketing Planner Survival Guide groups are open to the public.
The Front Desk Survival Guide group is ONLY available to those who have purchased that edition.
We encourage all team members to join the groups so they can ask questions, do some best practice sharing, and learn from each other.

Inquiring minds can also email Missy and Mary Beth at info@BuckeyeDentalProductions.com