Dear Front Desk Team Member,

The Dental Office Survival Guide: Front Desk Edition was created because we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve worked in offices with little to no guidance and have struggled through tough days. We’ve been frustrated and felt inadequate. We’ve been thrown into situations when we had no idea what we were doing. We’ve been angry at the lack of training and wondered why the doctor didn’t take the time to show us the things we needed to know.

What we didn’t know was that the doctor wasn’t trying to be evasive about training. It’s just that when you’re the doctor or business owner, your day is filled with SO much more than just treating patients.

The doctor is also consumed with returning patient phone calls, talking with labs, sending over payroll, paying the office bills, worrying about finding the MB2 canal on an upper molar of a patient from last week, dealing with a broken hot water tank, negotiating the lease with the landlord, purchasing new equipment, earning continuing education credit, etc. The list goes on.

Let this Survival Guide be the training you’ve needed to better understand your practice and your role in the practice. You are a crucial variable to the dental office equation. A doctor takes your skill level seriously. The more you can contribute to a practice, the more valuable you are to that practice. You should never stop learning. Would you want to visit a doctor who thought he/she knew everything and didn’t try to be a better doctor? No, you wouldn’t. The same goes for your position. If you are the type of employee who is excited to read and work through this book, then you will have a successful dental career. If you are the type of employee who thinks he/she has nothing left to learn about working the front office, then you might want to consider a new career.


This Survival Guide is an ACTIVE learning process meaning that there is work required from you, and in some cases, work is also needed from the doctor or other team member. As you go through the sections, please read all of the content, watch the videos, and download and complete the PDF Assignment forms. The Assignments are not difficult, but when applied directly to YOUR office, they will help increase your understanding of that practice.

By the end of your training with us,  we want you to be a better dental employee and to better understand your greater potential. We want to turn you into a SUPERSTAR FRONT DESK team member.

Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? Isn’t that what your patients have always deserved? You are going to have one amazing career!

Let's get started!

Missy and Mary Beth