Express Value to Patients

Patient Care and Consistency

Patient care & consistency. Unparalleled patient care and reliability. Isn’t this what your patients want? There are over 160,000 dental practices in the United States. What sets your practice apart from the rest? Why should a patient choose your practice as their dental home? First and foremost, patient care will set you apart from the …

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Creating the Perfect Hand-off

What is the hand-off protocol in your office? Typically in many dental offices the clinical team member walks the patient to the front desk with the patient’s chart under their arm. When they reach the desk they “plop” the chart down, tells the Appointment Coordinator that the patient is done, looks at the patient and …

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Tomorrow Never Knows

Don’t you love that feeling you get when you check tomorrow’s schedule and see that it’s jammed packed with treatment?  It’s exciting to see all that production on the schedule, isn’t it? Well, what about that feeling when those patients don’t show up? That feeling kind of stinks doesn’t it? I don’t know how missed …

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