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Business Team Survival Guide: SYSTEMS & CHECKLISTS


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All too often, a new front office team member is hired and thrust into the job with little to no training.  We know you want your team members to be confident and capable in their jobs, but also know that training a new employee can be difficult while you’re trying to maintain a patient schedule throughout the day. You hire someone because you are shorthanded, but you have a hard time fitting their training in because you are shorthanded. That new employee will fumble through the day, and you will be frustrated. That person will likely quit because he/she doesn’t feel confident working in your practice. Then you have to hire someone else and start over again. It’s exhausting, and it puts a strain on your business.

It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

It’s time to stop the cycle.

This Survival Guide is designed to give your business team–especially your new business team employees– the tools they need to know about YOUR specific practice. Even seasoned front office team members can benefit and breathe new life into their careers with the Survival Guide. We’ve filled this Guide with the most common things that the business team must know to thrive in a modern practice. We’ve also included pages that require some written work out of you and your team. Basically, we want to encourage your team to understand what your practice is all about so that they can be ACTIVE participants in your business–not just time clock punchers. We expect all team members to be contributing professionals, and the Survival Guide is the tool that will help get them to that level.



  • Teaches 40+ Dental Office Business Team Concepts and Systems
  • Gives Assignments so Team Members Can Apply Concepts and Systems to Your Specific Practice
  • Allows for Employee Accountability
  • 180+ Page Business Team Survival Guide Shipped within 5 days
  • 365 Day Website Membership to View 40+ Training Videos and Download 40+ Survival Guide Checklists and Assignments
  • Financial Consult Partial Preview

    Financial Consult Partial Preview

    Want to see what this Survival Guide is like?
    Taken straight from the Business Team Survival Guide!
    Here is a partial preview of the Financial Consult section of this book.

  • Practice Promotion Partial Preview

    Practice Promotion Partial Preview

    Want to see what this Survival Guide is like?
    Taken straight from the Business Team Survival Guide!
    Here is a partial preview of the Practice Promotion section of this book.

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Quarterly Planner: DIGGING FOR GOLD


A lot of offices spend a ton of marketing dollars trying to attract new patients. There is nothing wrong with this. HOWEVER, many offices miss opportunities right under their nose every single day.  “Digging for Gold” is a quarterly planner, that allows the team to systematically dig for gold in the schedule and therefore increase daily production WITHOUT spending anything additional on marketing.

Here’s the other thing. A lot of business team members, especially new team members, don’t know that this is a crucial part of the job. With busy patient schedules and lots of other business obligations, doctors often don’t have time to teach this concept to the business team.

So, that’s where this Quarterly Planner: DIGGING FOR GOLD comes into play. It will give the team focus and direction all while increasing production and offering accountability. It’s a great tool to use on it’s own, but it’s an even better tool when used as a companion to the Business Team Survival Guide: SYSTEMS & CHECKLISTS. When the team starts to actively dig for additional opportunity, productions numbers go through the roof. Even if the team recovers one or two recalls a week, but trust us, the team will add much more, that’s great production to add to the bottom line.




  • Increases Daily Production by Teaching Team Members how to Identify Additional Production Opportunity
  • Allows for Employee Accountability
  • 60+ Page Quarterly Planner Shipped within 5 days

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