Bring a Solution, Not a Problem

In the last section, we talked about how one simple question can help reduce stress between coworkers.

I have another one for you.

If something happens in the office that you fear is a problem, consider finding a solution and bringing the problem WITH a solution to your manager/doctor/coworker.
Turn yourself into a problem solver!

  • For example, let’s say a lab case is sitting at the front desk waiting to be picked up by a local lab. After two days, the box is still sitting there. What would you do?

  • A

    Leave it there. It’s the assistant’s job to take care of lab things.

  • B

    What case? You never even saw it.

  • C

    Tell the doctor the case is there.

  • D

    D. Find out whose case it is. Check the schedule to see when the patient is scheduled for a return visit, determine if the case can still be sent to the lab and received back before the patient’s next appointment.

  • The answer is obviously D. At least, we hope it was obvious to you! In this case, the entire issue was resolved by taking initiative and not getting anyone else involved. The last thing ANY team member wants is to be bothered by something that could have been solved by someone else.
    The point of this is to find solutions for office problems. Don’t just give the problem to someone else to solve.
    Be a problem solver.
    Seek the answers.
    Bring solutions to your coworkers.