Dental Office Communication 101

For a society that has more ways than ever before to communicate with one another, it sure feels like our ability to do so effectively has truly gone down the tubes. Have you noticed this too, or am I the only weirdo that spots it happening all day long? I took a communication class in college and found it fascinating. … Read More

Tomorrow Never Knows

Don’t you love that feeling you get when you check tomorrow’s schedule and see that it’s jammed packed with treatment?  It’s exciting to see all that production on the schedule, isn’t it? Well, what about that feeling when those patients don’t show up? That feeling kind of stinks doesn’t it? I don’t know how missed appointments make you feel, but … Read More

I Call Your Name

A few weeks ago I scratched my cornea. Have you ever done that? No? Well, then let me fill you in. A scratched cornea feels like you rubbed your eye with sandpaper and then doused yourself with actual sand. For a few days afterwards, there’s a constant feeling of grit in your eye, even though the original culprit is usually … Read More

Crabby Abby

One day shortly after I got married, my husband and I lugged my wedding dress to the dry cleaners.  When we got there,  I plopped the bulky dress bag on the counter and waited for an employee to finish her phone call so she could help me out. When she hung up the phone, she turned to me and asked, … Read More

Julie Needs Some Retraining!

If Julie answered the phone like this in my office, she wouldn’t have a job for very long. Scenario 1 FD: Good Morning! Thank you for calling Dr. Smith’s office. This is Julie. How may I help you? Caller: Hi Julie. This is Mike. I need to schedule a dental appointment. FD: Have we ever seen you before? Caller: Um, … Read More