It’s 3 pm in the afternoon on a beautifully sunny day with a sky full of cotton candy clouds. There is a warm breeze caressing the city like a lover caressing his soul mates cheek after a passionate rendezvous. (Did I grab your attention??!!) The phone rings………… The over tired, unappreciative employee cringes in dismay at the thought of actually … Read More

How You Feelin’?

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”Carl W. Buechner This is so true. Think about it. Wherever  you go, your impression on that particular place of business is directly based on how they made you feel. Crappy service at the dry cleaners? They did a fine job on your clothes but the … Read More

7 Little Words that Make a HUGE Impact

What questions do you have for me? That’s it. These 7 words are very powerful and will open lines of communication that might otherwise be absent. What questions do you have for me? After diagnosing and recommending treatment, coming from the doc the patient fully feels on an emotional level that you care and gives the opportunity to make sure that … Read More

Patient Care and Consistency

Patient care & consistency. Unparalleled patient care and reliability. Isn’t this what your patients want? There are over 160,000 dental practices in the United States. What sets your practice apart from the rest? Why should a patient choose your practice as their dental home? First and foremost, patient care will set you apart from the rest. Superior patient care. “Nobody … Read More

Creating the Perfect Hand-off

What is the hand-off protocol in your office? Typically in many dental offices the clinical team member walks the patient to the front desk with the patient’s chart under their arm. When they reach the desk they “plop” the chart down, tells the Appointment Coordinator that the patient is done, looks at the patient and says, “Thanks Nancy, have a … Read More