There's a reason we call it, "BEYOND SPIT SUCKING."

Dear Doctors,

The Dental Office Survival Guide: Dental Assistants Edition was created to benefit you just as much as your dental assistants. Working with a great dental assistant can make your days feel like a pleasant dream. Working with an untrained dental assistant can make your day feel like the worst nightmare. We know you want your assistants to be confident and capable in their jobs, but also know that training a new assistant can be difficult while you’re trying to maintain a patient schedule throughout the day. You hire someone because you are shorthanded, but you have a hard time fitting their training in because you are shorthanded. That new assistant will fumble through the day, and you will be frustrated. Then, the assistant will quit because he/she doesn’t feel confident working in your practice. Then you have to hire someone else and start over again. It’s exhausting, and it puts a strain on your business.

It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

It’s time to stop that cycle.

This Survival Guide is designed to give your assistants–especially your new assistants–the tools they need to know about YOUR specific practice. Even seasoned dental assistants can benefit and breathe new life into their careers with the Survival Guide. We’ve filled this Guide with the most common things a dental assistant must know to thrive in a modern practice. We’ve also included pages that require some written work out of you and your assistants. Basically, we want to encourage your team to understand what your practice is all about so that they can be ACTIVE participants in your business–not just time clock punchers.  We expect  assistants to be contributing professionals, and the Survival Guide is the tool that will help get them to that level. This Survival Guide will lead them through all it takes to work in YOUR practice. Encourage your assistants to refer back to it often and to add to it as necessary.

We are setting the bar pretty high.

Our goal is to help your assistants to see their potential, to enable them to work more independently, and to better understand how to help you. Once they master the skills in this book, you will have more confidence in them as professionals. Once you have more confidence in them, you will be more likely to invest in them. Once you invest in them, you will have a team of people who have multiple licenses and who are working to the fullest extent of their licenses. You will be able to breathe easier, and you will have surrounded yourself with a group of people who know how to help your patients, the business, AND themselves better than ever before.

We want to turn your dental assistant into a SUPERSTAR DENTAL ASSISTANT.

Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

Isn’t that what your patients have always deserved?

Missy and Mary Beth