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Dental Assistant Survival Guide: BEYOND SPIT SUCKING

This Survival Guide, a 180+ page book, is designed to give your assistants-especially your new assistants-the tools they need to know about YOUR specific practice.

Even seasoned dental assistants can benefit and breathe new life into their career with the Survival Guide. We’ve filled this Guide with the most common things a dental assistant must know to thrive in a modern practice.

We’ve also included pages that require some written work out of you and your assistants.

Basically, we want to encourage your team to understand what your practice is all about so that they can be ACTIVE participants in your business-not just time clock punchers.

We expect assistants to be contributing professionals, and the Survival Guide is the tool that will help get them to that level. This Survival Guide will lead them through all it takes to work in YOUR practice.

  • Teaches 30+ Dental Assistant Concepts (Expressing Value, Practice Promotion) and Systems (Checklists, Organization)
  • Gives Assignments so Team Members Can Apply Concepts and Systems to Your Specific Practice
  • Allows for Employee Accountability
  • 180+ Page Business Team Survival Guide Shipped within 5 days
  • 3 Positive Response Rule Preview
    3 Positive Response Rule Preview

    Want to see what this Survival Guide is like?
    Taken straight from BEYOND SPIT SUCKING
    Here is a preview of the 3 Positive Response Rule

  • Office Tour Preview
    Office Tour Preview

    Want to see what this Survival Guide is like?
    Taken straight from BEYOND SPIT SUCKING
    Here is a preview of Office Tours.

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Quarterly Planner: Assistant Edition

It can be difficult for a current dental assistant to remember all of the details of the day.

That's why we created an easy to use Quarterly Planner for dental assistants!

We are firm believers in giving team members organizational tools in which to be successful. By giving your assistants a place to track things like lab cases, individual patient needs, and office duties, you are helping them to be successful and confident with their jobs.

This planner helps to keep team members consistent and accountable for their work-we love that! Like all of our other Survival Guides, this planner allows even the newest most untrained dental assistant to contribute to the business sooner rather than later.

  • Keeps Dental Assistants on Track with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks
  • Allows for Employee Accountability
  • 60+ Page Quarterly Planner Shipped within 5 days
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