Assisting Schools

These days, doctors expect MORE out of their team.

An assistant who can simply hold suction is NOT ENOUGH. Ideally, doctors would like a team filled with people who not only understood procedures, but who could also communicate value and promote the business to patients. A new team member who understands this mentality will certainly have the career edge over those who do not.

The Dental Office Survival Guides contain all of the systems and strategies that modern practices want their employees to understand. These training tools allow students to understand all that their new careers should entail. The Dental Office Survival Guides offer a bridge between assisting schools and real life dental practices. These materials are designed to help new employees become productive and contributing dental team members on their very first day of work.

We are proud to offer bulk pricing for dental assisting schools.

Contact us at Info@BuckeyeDentalProductions.com for more info. 

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