There is ALWAYS Something To Do

  • The work in a dental office is never done. There is ALWAYS something to do. Slow patient schedule? No worries, we’ve got oodles of ideas to keep you busy. There is literally zero excuse to stand around and talk with your coworkers. There is just too much to do!

    Sometimes, the patient schedule might be slow, but the doctor and/or managers might be working on the business. They might not have time to create a list of tasks to keep the front desk busy, so sometimes the front desk team has to create their own. An easy way to determine what you can help with during down time falls into three categories: Cleaning and Organizing, Fill the Schedule, and Services/Skills Training.

  • Cleaning and Organizing

    Something can always be cleaned. Shelves can always be emptied, dusted, wiped down, and stock put back in an orderly fashion. While you’re looking at that stock, check expiration dates to be sure that your materials aren’t expired. Bathrooms can never be clean enough and baseboards can never be dust free enough. Water plants, clean mirrors, wipe down all door handles, clean out the refrigerator and microwave.
    Use this opportunity to think of ways to improve your current systems.
    Can something be improved upon? Probably.

  • Fill the Schedule (See 5 VIABLE LIST section)

    On a slow day, sometimes the front desk team tries to move people to different days so that the team can go home early. We think you should do the OPPOSITE! Fill that schedule instead! Some people might think this is solely the responsibility of the front desk, but we think this is an area where assistants and hygienists can certainly help. With the front desk, run reports of people who are overdue for recalls, people who have unfinished treatment, and people you haven’t seen in a long time. Work as a team to contact those patients and fill the schedule.

  • Services/Skills Training

    Use down time as a chance to improve your skills. Don’t have the best alginate taking skills? Ask your manager if you can practice taking some impressions on your coworkers. Not sure of the logistics of your new implant system? Pull up the website, read, and take notes on the system.
    Don’t ever stop learning about the services that your practice offers.