A Day in the Life of a Front Desk Team Member

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    Before Patients Arrive

    The front desk team member arrives and removes coat, purse, bag, etc. BEFORE signing in on the time clock. It is important to be professionally polished. No sloppy pony tails at the front desk! Only sign in when READY to work. It is poor manners, not to mention it is stealing time, to sign in before being ready to work. Employees are only allowed to sign themselves in and out and not allowed to sign in or out for anyone else in the office.
    After signing in, the front desk team member begins the morning checklist. This checklist will ensure that the office area(s) is ready to handle the daily patient flow.
    The front desk team member will then participate in a morning meeting with the rest of the team. The front desk team member will take careful note of any special patient treatment or circumstance for the day.

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    Once Patients Arrive

    The front desk team members are always ready to greet patients and to alert the clinical team as those patients arrive.
    The front desk will check patients in and out, collect co-pays, discuss treatment financial arrangements, create claims, update patient contact information, verify dental coverage, and confirm appointments. The front desk team will also schedule appointments, answer phones, respond to email, and answer text messages.
    The front desk team will also be responsible for various weekly and monthly responsibilities like running reports and following up with patients.
    Throughout the day, the front desk team will also offer help to coworkers, maintain inventory, track and follow up with lab cases, express value to patients, support the business, perform various equipment maintenance, and support the rest of staff when and where necessary.

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    Once Patients Leave

    Once all patients are gone for the day, the front desk team follows an end of day checklist. The checklist will ensure that all daily tasks have been completed. The team member will turn in the checklist(s) to a manager.
    The team member will also make notes on any challenges, issues, changes, or successes that happened throughout the day that may need to be shared with the team the next day.
    After all work is completed, the team member will then sign out for the day.

  • This is where the Survival Guide Training comes into play.

    With so many things to prepare for and accomplish throughout the day, a front office team member-especially a new front office team member-can feel uncertain or overwhelmed.
    The Front Desk Survival Guide digital training is designed to teach all of the elements of working at the front desk in a dental practice. The digital training, coupled with the monthly planner, help front office team members to not only know WHAT to do, but WHEN to do those things.