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What's Included in the Survival Guide: Assistant Workbook BEYOND SPIT SUCKING?


There is SO much more to dental assisting than just sitting in that assisting chair and holding suction.

As a dental practice owner, I can so easily see what I want our dental assistants to be doing, and it’s SO MUCH MORE! 

Did I mention that a dental assistant is SO MUCH MORE than assisting?

I look at our dental assistants as trusted and intelligent colleagues who play an active part of moving this business forward every single day. 

That’s what this book is really about. We want assistants to know that they are more than just “spit suckers”! Assistants are very important to the success of a business. As a dental office owner, I can EASILY see the direct impact a good assistant-one who promotes the practice and contributes to modern systems-has on a practice. The same as true in the reverse. I’ve worked with assistants who lacked confidence and who just didn’t want to try to contribute more to the practice. Those types of assistants do not last long in my office. 


This book is not about how to hold suction or how to put a patient napkin on a patient. This book is about changing the way an assistant thinks about his/her role in a dental practice. Through this Survival Guide experience, our goal is to get assistants to think about how they can contribute to the business BEYOND suctioning. 

We took a close look at our own practice and surveyed offices all over the country. We asked doctors to tell us what sort of skills they would like their assistants to improve upon. The most common theme amongst their responses was that they wanted an empowered team: one who could express value to patients, who could promote the business, who could be filled with superstar assistants, and who want to continue their dental knowledge. 

Necessity is the mother on invention, right? Now you know why we invented this Survival Guide. 


Dental Office Survival Guide: Assistant Workbook BEYOND SPIT SUCKING

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This is the guide we've been waiting for in our office. So many assistant schools around, but none for front desk training. Finally, someone has written a very well thought out plan and execution for tasks for my front desk.  I expect the book to pay for itself in no time, thinking of the increased efficiency and productivity right off the bat. It allows me to keep employees on task without personally micromanaging them, which as an owner, I just don't have time for. Missy and Mary Beth have hit a home run with this. Thank you both! -Dr. Frank Clayton

Game changer alert!  Mary Beth and Missy have created a super useful tool that not only keeps your front desk running smoothly and productively, it also has helped us to up our game with best practices for dental front desk administration.  The daily planner is a format we are all familiar with and you will be able to quickly integrate it with your routine.  It has allowed new employees in my office to be immediately productive and helps to ensure that no area of front desk responsibility is overlooked. -Dr. Sheila Brush


What is the Dental Office Survival Guide: Front Desk Edition?

The Dental Office Survival Guide: Front Desk Edition is an organizational planning tool created to help guide dental front desk team members to navigate tasks throughout their day. This guide will provide the consistency and focus that is greatly needed to handle all that the front desk tasks. Specifically, it is a daily planner that outlines the necessary tasks that should be completed on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly basis. This guide is the dental front desk training you've been looking for. 

Who is the Dental Office Survival Guide: Front Desk Edition?

Mary Beth Bajornas, owner of Dental Support Specialties LLC, has first hand experience with what systems are lacking in dental offices around the country. It is her business, literally, to connect with practices and assist with the day to day administrative tasks that need attention.

Missy Fryer, owner of Next Step Dental Resource LLC, has worked in dentistry for 20 years. She has spent most of her career creating systems to improve her practice’s efficiency. Missy enjoys blogging and sharing her experiences with other practices.

Why the Dental Office Survival Guide: Front Desk Edition?

Simply put, Mary Beth and Missy are leaders in the dental community and are often called on to help doctors train team members and to help them get organized.

They often hear things like, “I have a new employee and I don’t have time to train her."

"What things should my front desk be doing everyday?”

“Are there tools available to help my team understand what is expected of them everyday?”

Their hope is that the Dental Office Survival Guide: Front Desk Edition will help new and experienced  team members to maintain focus and allow doctors to feel confident that things are being taken care of properly, in a timely fashion, and with accountability.

How does Dental Office Survival Guide: Front Desk Edition work?

In the planner, you will find daily, weekly, and even monthly tasks/duties that dental offices should be completing on a regular basis. Mary Beth and Missy have included clear explanations of all details and room for task accountability. The practice can feel reassured that necessary things are being completed promptly and correctly.

Are there other Dental Office Survival Guides available?

Yes! Mary Beth and Missy are currently creating more guides for other dental positions as well. Stay tuned.


The Dental Office Survival Guide: Front Desk Edition allows new FD employees to jump right in and contribute to the practice on their very first day. 

It also allows your experienced FD to stay organized and productive throughout the entire year. 

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